Simon Pilcher

Meet Simon Pilcher.

The happy family real estate agent.

Owner of Pilcher Residential.

“When you have a frantic business life there is nothing more appealing than someone who is completely calm.”

Simon runs a popular Sydney real estate agency with his wife Terri – and couldn’t be happier with the arrangement. “She’s my partner in life and work,” he says. “I absolutely adore it! I adore her! How can we not work together? Fortunately, we discovered early on in our relationship that we can be in a pressure cooker environment together and really get on well. Terri has incredible organisational skills and structure and setting up procedures and checklists and I’m great on bringing in the business and engaging with the human side of it.” He has been a real estate agent for 20 years after a business he was working for failed, and he “fell into” it when searching for a local employer that would offer steady employment.

They have been working with Greg for more than a decade, and he helped them set up their business. “We liked him more than the firm he was working for back then. He did the nuts and bolts and we thought, ‘geez he’s good’,” says Simon. “He is like a rock to deal with. Everything is so calm and when you have a frantic business life there’s nothing more appealing than someone who is completely calm. There’s no doubt Orbit has given our business and family some really great benefits, as well as permanent peace of mind. We have one source we can rely on, and he’s very proactive in his information so we know exactly what’s going to happen way in advance of anything that will affect us. He is very much on the front foot.”

Simon Pilcher

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