Simon Ilkin 1

Meet Simon Ilkin.

The flexible vet.

Owner of Kirrawee Vet.

“I’m always calling about something and there’s never been a case where it’s not taken care of. Orbit will always figure it out.”

When Simon was looking for strategic business advice for his family vet practice three years ago, he interviewed four different accountancy firms. “I gave them my numbers, picked their brain, figured out how they would work in my business,” he says. “Orbit wasn’t the first I interviewed, but after sitting down with them and seeing the way they streamlined things, and the cloud software computing they used which made things so much easier, and I was sold. Now I think, thank goodness! If I wasn’t with Xero, imagine the nightmare!”

He had always wanted to have his own practice and it’s not small, with 38 vet and nursing staff to look after. “I have the world’s best staff,” he says. “In the vet industry, you’re a jack of all trades, you do a bit of everything. We have to do all of it. You often get approached by corporations to buy your business but that’s not me. There is a certain standard of care you can keep and adhere to and that’s made me happy. Every weekend there’s something different: you might be consulting then straight to an emergency surgery. Monotony is not something I have to deal with.”

Simon Ilkin

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