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Meet Hector Menendez.

The lawyer entrepreneur.

Director of H+A Legal.

“The best business decisions are informed decisions, and they way you make informed decisions is by hiring the best services”

Moving from a big law firm to start his own private practice in business law seven years ago was, Hector says, the best thing he ever did. “I haven’t looked back. I have an entrepreneurial streak, I love it.” From the beginning, he aimed to partner with advice services with similar values and goals, and this is where Orbit came in. “In terms of what I look for in an accountant, obviously it’s important to get the job done and be credible,” he says. “Orbit has very good systems in place, they deliver the services efficiently, I respect and admire their philosophy of life and the way they do business. But the main thing for me personally is for them to have similar values and ambitions. Surrounding myself with people who have a common vision allows me to learn from them.” He is focused on growing the business so he can make even more of a difference to people’s lives. “I’m in a unique position where I can really help people,” he says. “It does get lost in the marketplace of it all but that’s why most people go into it. Service jobs such as lawyers, accountants and other professional services like brokers – we are the tools of business. Your business is more effective if you use these tools. The better the tools are, the better outcomes you are going to get from business. It has a compound effect. The best business decisions are informed decisions, and the way you make informed decisions is by hiring the best services.”

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