Ben Perry

Meet Ben Perry.

The travelling entrepreneur.

Director of several businesses including Adventure Camp, Plantabox and The Agribusiness.

“Orbit helped me develop my goals, then backed me all the way to put them in play. I don’t feel like just a client, I feel like we are partners.”

Ben, a former geologist, started a creative agency 17 years ago. But after a few years, something was missing. Was it too many employees, too many clients perhaps, too many sales calls? Orbit helped him sell out of that and start a new agency, more boutique, and another business, running adventure camps and agribusinesses.

Still, he wanted more.

This time, his more was more complex. He wanted to run his businesses while travelling around Australia in a camper van with his family for a year. Orbit helped him achieve this too. He has just returned. His businesses are fine.

“I’ve been an Orbit client for 10 years, since they began,” he says. “Back then, I had two babies and an advertising agency with 16 employees. Something had to give. Orbit helped me develop my goals, then backed me all the way to put them in play, in terms of downsizing into multiple smaller businesses and the various structures that entailed. They also introduced me to Xero, which I love, and other productivity tools and processes.

I consider them a crucial part of my business and the way I can have freedom in my life. So much so that “Ask Greg” is an oft-repeated phrase when my wife and I are trying to work out something business-related. I don’t feel like ‘just a client’, I feel like we are partners.”

Ben Perry

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