Briony Evans

Meet Briony Golik.

The business owner mum-to-be.

Director of a boutique creative agency, Tom Thumb.

“Surround yourself with good quality people like Orbit who can be the experts and take care of you. I really benefit from orbit’s insights and it’s a huge time saver.”

Briony runs her own creative agency, specialising in building and growing brands, and has been with Orbit for five years. In that time, she met a lovely man and his equally lovely chihuahua cross fox terrier, bought out her business partner, got married (the dog was ring-bearer) … and has a baby girl on the way.

“From a young age I wanted to have my own business but I didn’t have the guts until I was 29,” says Briony. “I like the flexibility but I also like that I can have direct, long-term relationships with my clients.”

For Briony, business is personal. She now uses Orbit for business and her personal life, including her family trust. “They are really trustworthy and experienced,” she says. “They spend the time learning about what you do and the business you are in, plus where you want to go – and what you don’t want to do. I don’t understand BAS so I want them to do that but I also want to be able to have a conversation with them, a laugh and a little bit of banter. I like the fact that I’m on a monthly plan and have a dedicated bookkeeper and accountant. Ollie is really good! I am dealing with one person, get a huge range of questions answered, and everything I need is sorted out.”

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