Olivia Warne

Meet Olivia Warne.

The superfit PR supremo.

Founder and Director of Pendulum Communications

“Orbit genuinely care about me and my business and as a small business owner they have always me feel as important as their larger clients”

Talk about juggling: Olivia runs a successful and busy PR agency, juggles a one-year-old and a four-year-old with her husband, and still makes it to at least five f45 gym classes five times a week, as well as dine out, travel and catch up with friends and family. “I’m super organised!” she says. “I do feel like I’m always juggling a million things every day but I seem to thrive on it luckily!” So it makes sense that her best of piece of advice for small business owners is simple and to the point: get a great accountant. “Most small business owners aren’t going to be financial whizzes but it’s a key part to running a successful business,” she explains. “It’s way less stressful if you have quality professionals helping manage that side of things so you can focus on your area of expertise.”

Olivia came to Orbit via multiple recommendations when she was setting up her agency nine years ago, and has since brought her hubby’s business into the fold. “They’re like friends as well as accountants,” she says. “I feel like they genuinely care about me and my business, and as a small business owner they have always made me feel as important as their larger clients. They are friendly and approachable, and explain things to me in simple, straightforward ways without using lots of technical financial and legal jargon. But I think one of the best thing Orbit brought into my professional life was Xero – it’s an awesome and easy tool.”

Olivia Warne

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