Why Hating your Accountant is Bad for Business

Ah, the old “I hate my accountant, but it’s too hard to move” business blues. We’ve heard this tale more times than the average soap opera trots out the long lost relative.

At The Orbit Group, we do understand why businesses, freelancers and startups are reluctant to change accountants. After all, you’ve usually got enough work on to fill your TO DO list three times over as it is.

But you don’t have to be afraid to ditch your business accountant. Nor should you be made to feel guilty or trapped by your desire to leave.

Hating your accountant is bad for business. So here are some empowering words to help you kick the bad accountant habit. And some helpful advice on how you can kick that feeling of dread for good!

It’s your business’ financial future

It’s a smart choice to outsource your business accounting to a professional. By doing so, you’re well ahead of many businesses out there. Playing to your strengths and delegating where appropriate is an efficient use of your time. And this is exactly why you should be outsourcing to the right person for the tasks at hand.

You’re paying good money to have one less headache. Don’t settle for an accountant that creates extra work for you or who makes you reluctant to approach them for assistance. Get your money’s worth!

It’s your financial future. Make the most of it. Have an accountant that you can trust and who is as invested in the financial future of your business as you are.

Not all accountants are created equal

The wonderful thing about business is that as you grow and prosper, your needs change. You may need to employ extra staff, re-evaluate and change suppliers and experiment with ways to reinvest your profits. Investigating elements such as SMSF or whether to acquire property or other business assets could also be in your future plans. Changing your business model, keeping up with the ATO and general expansion all need the right kind of support.

Whether you’ve decided to switch from paper invoicing to cloud accounting or you’ve grown in profits (or in size) enough to warrant changes to superannuation and/or understanding business assets, there will be steps along your journey that mean you’ll outgrow the old ways of doing things. As part of this process, the way you approach the financial side of your business may also change.

You shouldn’t sacrifice the success of your business by choosing to stay with an accountant who is ill-equipped for the future of your business. Don’t miss out on tax breaks or put your business in jeopardy by settling for near enough. Always choose an accountant who can understand the nuances of your business and supply the expertise to drive it forward.

If you avoid someone, you’re less likely to ask for the help you need

Business relationships can be tricky. Over time, we can grow apart or discover the fit we thought we enjoyed isn’t as cosy after all. Many a business has become unstuck through avoiding the difficult conversations.

You don’t have to settle for the stereotypical dry, boring accountant who you can’t talk to. Those days are well and truly over and that’s a myth we are happy to bust, trust us!

If you have someone working for you who makes a point of holding you at arm’s length for the day-to-day stuff, how can you possibly trust them when the chips are down?

Don’t let someone else’s prickly attitude stop you from approaching your business’ financial future in a positive manner. Always choose the accountant who makes you feel welcome!

The fix is a lot easier then you think

Breaking up with your current business accountant doesn’t have to read like a soap opera script. In fact, there are surprisingly few steps to making sure it’s amicable and professional.

For example, if you want to leave your relationship with your accountant, you can use the “it’s not you, it’s me”. Explain your business is growing. Or that you’d like to try new things. That cloud accounting has caught your eye. Or you wish to switch to someone local if you’ve moved office. All of these reasons are perfectly legitimate.

You don’t have to explain your motivations for leaving one accountant for another. Whether things are not in a good place or if you don’t know exactly what is prompting the leave, you still have the opportunity to make a change.

Your current accountant cannot prohibit you from transferring your records over to a new accountancy firm. They also can’t legally deny you access to your financial records.

All you need to do is nominate The Orbit Group (or your other chosen accountant) the authority to request your records on your behalf.

We can have you in safe new accountancy digs and even on Xero cloud accounting software before it’s time to break out the afternoon tea and biscuits.

No matter how much time you have available or how complicated you assume your situation is, help is available. And no matter how big the current accountant sized dragon is that is guarding your financial records, we can help. Not just with a cranky pants accountant or with ditching folders of paper files, we can also wrestle the ATO or setup and/or start giving your SMSF a performance spit and polish. We can jump into the hot seat of virtual CFO, tame the payroll tiger and a whole bunch of other dandy services. Say goodbye to the patchwork approach to finances and expand with your business without the growing pains.

Don’t let hating your accountant hold you back any longer. Choose the team that loves sharing the idea of uncomplicated accounting with businesses like yours.

We bet a packet of Tim Tams and a large latte on being able to offer you a solution that’ll give you peace of mind in a day.

Contact The Orbit Group now to discuss your current business accounting situation today!