Five Minutes with Accountant Greg Dennis

At The Orbit Group, we believe in building a business community. That’s why we’ll be profiling some of our clients and partners over the coming months. From local business owners to startup founders, agencies to freelancers and beyond, we’ll be introducing you to the clients we love helping.

To start the ball rolling, we thought we’d introduce you to our team. Starting with certified practising accountant and founder of The Orbit Group, Greg Dennis.

We hope you enjoy 5 minutes with Greg!

Why did you get into accounting?
At school, business studies and sport were by far my favourite subjects. I enjoyed the satisfaction of making a whole heap of numbers balance perfectly. And I enjoyed clearing my head with exercise so I could tackle the next problem. It seemed only natural to continue that.

What’s your favourite 3pm pick-me-up?
Twix…or Cadbury hazelnut…or Kit Kats…I love sharing chocolate.

A typical day for you looks like…
Pretty similar to most small business owners I expect. Emails, answering questions, meetings, some accounting/tax returns and more emails.

If you could pick a favourite at work task, what would it be and why?
Brainstorming new business ideas and big picture stuff. I also like unravelling an accounting puzzle from time to time. I enjoy possibility and exploring what can be done to make things better.

What’s one myth about small business accountancy that boils your potato?
If I was only allowed to bust one myth, it’d be doing the books yourself or skimping on book-keeping will save you money and/or time. It rarely does. Having the right bookkeeper working in a team with your accountant will make sure you are focused on the most important things in your business. Your book-keeper should be keeping you up to date on the important financial information going on in your business.

Always play to your strengths and delegate accordingly. Time spent well is money saved.

What’s something any business can do it 20minutes or less per week that can make accounting so much easier?
Utilising cloud accounting and keeping things updated in real time. Sorting out stuff after the fact never works out as well for you.

What’s the most common mistake you see coming across your desk? How can people/businesses avoid it?
Deductions are a big trap. Businesses claiming GST on stuff they shouldn’t is a big problem. That’s why I make sure we’re all well-versed in what is and isn’t claimable to avoid any headaches.

Finish this sentence: I do my best work to…
Tunes. Oasis and Noel Gallagher have inspired some of my very best work.

Why do you love working at Orbit?
I love that we are young and fresh. And trying to do things differently to everyone else.

Want to talk Oasis or big picture business planning with Greg? Get in contact and let’s make your small business accounting supersonic today!