A Small Business Accountant Walks Into Social Media And Says…

You’ve probably noticed most small business accountants run screaming from social media. Facebook is especially challenging and it’s partly because like many small businesses, accountants are focussed on supplying what they do best to customers. Often marketing such as social media falls at about priority 501 on a list of 499 things to do each day.

The Orbit Group haven’t been any different to this in the past. We get most of our wonderful startup, freelance and small business clients through word of mouth or through Google search. We find that individuals who want tax returns usually choose us because we’re in the local area. We are after all a favourite Randwick accounting firm. Word spreads and we attract customers along Sydney’s eastern suburbs and we’re easy to get to from Maroubra, Bondi and Bronte. Our reputation for managing administration for SMSF (self managed super funds) has also gotten us a lot of business over the years. So for the local love driving our business forward, we’re extremely grateful.

But we’ve chosen to make a concerted effort with our social media.

And it’s not because we generally need to make a marketing splash or have all of a sudden discovered social media per se. We’ve discovered that social media gives us an unparalleled opportunity to satiate one of our core values.

Being a small business accountant on social media puts us in a unique stead to help people. Here’s how.
Staying up to date is simpler

Changes to what you can and can’t claim on tax. Being able to navigate involved subjects like self managed super funds. Staying up to date with software improvements related to online accounting and/or Xero. Having a place to turn to for practical advice and business tips that is approachable and useful.

These are things the team from The Orbit Group and Tax have noticed are missing for many of our clients.

Don’t get us wrong – we don’t wish to devalue the great work the ATO or government websites do. But sometimes the information can be a little difficult to digest. That’s why we’re making a commitment to make things easier to understand. And sharing them as soon as we possibly can.

Social media and our blog gives us the ability to do just that!

Removing the myth factor

We’ve spent a bit of time on business forums of late. There are some great repositories of information and camaraderie on social media on social media groups. These places help answer a lot of the questions business owners, freelancers and startups may have. And they spark creativity, debate and more than a few ideas in the process.

But sometimes the information isn’t always 100% correct. With financial information, tax law and info about BAS or super, you can’t really afford to take a gamble.

Plus, business finances and taxation requirements may be a little different. After all, what works for Bill the Coogee Plumber may not work for Sue the Redfern Chiropractor. Eric the freelance designer doesn’t have the same business structure as Carolyn and Kristy the startup partnership.

That’s why we’re setting up a presence on social media that offers expert advice first time, every time. We’re taking the guess work out of what you need to know.

Being there when you need us

At The Orbit Group, we know that we can talk about uncomplicated accounting or being approachable until the cows come home. But you need to see the action behind the words.

So that’s why we’re hanging ourselves out there on the social media wire. We’re stepping out of our comfort zone and into the wonderful world of community management to reach our community.

We can see a genuine need for on the fly questions to be answered. We don’t want the myths circulating. We want to share high quality information and are in a unique position to give it. We can also see how powerful a simple conversation can be. How helpful it is to receive advice and ideas online and to stretch ourselves on occasion.

And (quite honestly) we love a good chin wag. Bringing together small businesses, startups and freelancers to share knowledge is part of what we love to do. At The Orbit Group, we genuinely love being a part of and encouraging you to take your business to new heights. So no matter if you’re in Randwick, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs or beyond just know we’re here to help.

You can join in on our adventures at the following fun social media ports:

Orbiting Business Changes on Facebook

Tweeting ideas and information on The Orbit Group’s Twitter profile

Getting our local on in Randwick and the Eastern Suburbs on our Google Places page

Loving all things connected and linked on our official LinkedIn page

Pop by and say hi. We’re in the early stages of each, but we’re committed to be the accountants you feel like you can talk to. So your advice and suggestions are most welcome!