Are you in control of your business?

Did you start your business to quit that 9 to 5 hustle, only to wind up working 24/7? Do you often find yourself bending over backwards for customers and clients? Is your business your first thought in the morning, and your last at night?

As a business accountability coach, we want to help you wear the pants in the relationship between you and your business again. You see, we know the story. When you first started your business fresh-faced and bright-eyed, there would have been one thing getting you through the fear and uncertainty of this uncharted terrain – your more. More: freedom, time, flexibility, money or autonomy.

But as the dust settles on your shiny new business, reality begins to sink in, and between the long hours, overheads and juggling a million tasks, – you wound up with less than you bargained for.

There may be many reasons why your business is running you instead of the other way around. Regardless of the symptoms, we want to help you address the cause, so here are our best tips for improving your processes to take back control of your business.

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How do you take control of my business?

Step up your processes. 

First things first, put your processes under a magnifying glass and hit refresh on all the unruly areas. 

If you can’t enjoy your evening meal without a client blowing up your phone, it’s time to set some boundaries…and enforce them. Accessible doesn’t mean available, so figure out what hours you want to be contactable for with manageable response timeframes. 

If your clients treat your invoice due dates like a best before date, update your payment terms and communicate your new and improved ones. This could look like sending reminders and charging late fees. We’ve already shared a bunch of tips to ensure you get paid on time here

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate!

Feel like you can’t do it all? You don’t have to. 

If you don’t trust your team and subcontractors to get the job done, take a step back and look at why that’s the case. Do they require more training, do you need more hands-on-deck, or do you need to loosen the reins and give them some more responsibility? Once you’ve identified the problem at play, it’s time to take action – provide additional training, delegate more tasks to your team or consider outsourcing. It may take work, but it’s much more preferable than working yourself to the bone. 

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Revisit your reason.

If you and your business are not seeing eye to eye right now, reflect on why you wanted to run a business in the first place? 

When we are talking about goals, we’re talking about your personal and business ones. Friendly reminder, you don’t have to grow for growth’s sake, your vision should be aligned with what truly matters to you. Once you’ve worked out where you want to be in 12 months, break it down into a 90-day plan with actionable steps and grab back the reins of your business. 

Set aside time to hit the gym or go for an afternoon walk, and honour them like you would for any other appointment or meeting. Schedule time to work on your business instead of in it, so you can check that you’re on track with your goals and adapt your plan if not. 

Remind yourself who’s in charge.

This is your business. We cannot emphasise the ‘your’ part enough. So mould it to suit you and your idea of success, and feel comfortable politely declining anything that doesn’t fit into it. 

If your prices aren’t in a client’s budget, you can say no or suggest minimising the deliverables. If you don’t feel like a client is a right fit for your business, you can say no. If a team member isn’t value-aligned or underperforming – you can say no.

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Do you need a business accountability coach? 

It may take time, but with a clear plan and the right processes and support, you can get the driving wheel back in your hands. If you’re finding it difficult to untangle yourself out of the web you’ve woven, we want to help you get more.

Ready to start making your business work for you? Book a chat or get in touch with our passionate team of business accountability coaches today.