How to improve your work processes and efficiency.

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’, right? To truly do this, you need to learn how to improve your work processes and your efficiency.

Get off the hamster wheel and start moving forward! 

The best way to do this is by harnessing the power of the right technology. The world is changing faster than ever, but this doesn’t mean you need to be left behind! 

Here at Orbit, one of our favourite things to do is show businesses, just like you, the best way to use technology to make their lives easier, give them more time, less stress and better yet… make more money! 

Time is money so let us show you our favourite bits of technology that will improve your work processes and efficiency, and give you more of what you want – time, money, freedom.


xero app advisory

We are the most enthusiastic Xero app advisory firm you will ever meet.

It’s no secret, we love Xero! Not only does it make your life easier, it makes you more money, improves your customer experience, and makes our job as your Sydney accountant and business advisor more effective too!

Cloud accounting and bookkeeping software like Xero, pulls all of your financial information from your bank accounts and uses artificial intelligence to analyse and help categorise some of your spending for you. 

There are even apps like Dext and Hubdoc that take photos of your receipts and your bills to extract information, and put it into your cloud accounting so that you don’t have to manually enter that data yourself.

Xero can get you paid faster too. Say goodbye to paper invoices and chasing up those who don’t pay you month after month. One of the best things about Xero is that it has multiple options to connect to payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, and E-way. There are more ways that people can pay you. 

They are not just trapped into online banking, which makes it quicker and easier for them to pay you and quicker and easier for you to get paid. Talk about improving that cash flow! 

Xero being in the cloud means you can easily set up monthly recurring payments and direct debits yourself. You are in control of your incoming payments and outgoing expenses.

payroll advice for small business

Payroll advice for your small business.

We give exceptional payroll advice for your small business. Cloud technology also helps you manage your staff better by implementing apps like Happy HR where you can keep track of your employee contracts, position descriptions, and review salaries. Deputy also tracks timesheets and rosters to make payroll so much easier.

By being in the cloud, it means that then your accounting software can talk to your payroll software, so you’re sharing data which means there’s less input you have to do. It makes your payroll a lot more efficient, which saves you time and money.

Apps for the ultimate operational business process improvement. 

Don’t think improving your operational business processes has to be this major overhaul of technology and systems that take months to master. 

Trust us, it could just be something simple, like implementing a ‘Zap’ to get one system to talk to another. Did you know that with a couple of quick clicks of a mouse, you can have your website’s booking form automatically populate spreadsheets, calendars, send an email, or all of the above?!

There are also project management tools and technologies to help you better manage your own workflow and assign and manage your team’s tasks too. 

there’s like multiple different apps that all achieve very similar things but get you there in different ways. What kind of way do you prefer to work? Some project management apps or programs use a Kanban method. Or you might prefer to have things that are in a list layout.

If you’ve got to work with multiple people on multiple projects, then we could show you how to fully utilise Xero’s WorkflowMax. The possibilities are endless! 

small business efficiency consultants sydney

Talk to Orbit, Sydney’s best small business efficiency consultants.

Of course, every business is unique. Every business owner likes to work differently. But surely we can all agree that there are always ways to improve our work processes and efficiency!

Here at Orbit, we take the time to really get to know you, the way you work, the goals you have for your business, how your time is spent and how you would rather spend it.

We are experts in finding the right technologies to make your business more efficient and give you more… Whatever that may be! More money, more time, more options, more employees.

If you need a hand in learning how to best harness technology to improve your work processes and efficiency, book a chat or get in touch today with Sydney’s best small business efficiency consultants.