Meet Amelia Carey, Orbit’s Client Manager.

If you have worked with Orbit, our Client Manager, Amelia, will be a familiar face. A master of juggling various client projects and ATO anxieties, there’s a reason why Amelia is known as the organisation guru and ATO whisperer in the Orbit sphere.

If you are thinking of enlisting our team’s help to make more possible, Amelia will be there every step of the way to make you feel welcome, answer any questions, and ensure every task is delivered on time.

Just when you think we couldn’t love having Amelia as part of the Orbit family anymore, did we mention she makes the best brownies ever? If you’re curious how Amelia maintains an excellent work-life balance, enables our clients to reach their business and personal goals, and preserves her Organisation Queen title – keep reading.

Amelia Holding Open Elevator Door In Orbit’s Randwick Office

How did your journey at Orbit begin?

I have worked with Greg now for 11 years! I honestly don’t know how I could ever work for anyone else. Greg also made my contract airtight – I must give ten years notice if I ever resign (just kidding).

Greg was looking for a receptionist at his previous practice and we were introduced by a mutual friend. I went in for the interview and spoke the whole time, Greg didn’t, and the rest they say is history. Nothing has changed when Greg and I speak, he listens, and I talk!

I was not the greatest at math, so working for an accountant was never on my radar, and at first, it seemed a little daunting. I have since become a qualified bookkeeper and now the client manager at Orbit, and this is the perfect role and fit for me. I love helping people, it’s what I do best through great communication.

Amelia Talking On A Phone Call In Orbit’s Sydney Office

What does a typical day at Orbit look like for you?

Always with a coffee first!

I always have my ‘to-do list’ ready from the day before, which is the backbone of being super organised. I juggle many things for all our clients, and I only work Monday to Thursday, so I need to be very organised.

On a typical day, I check my emails and reply to all the urgent ones first, manage Orbit workflow daily and billing, manage all new clients and welcome them to Orbit. I am also on the phone a lot, chatting to the ATO, ASIC and ABR, and of course, clients.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?

Focusing on the bigger picture rather than the little one. I love working with new clients who come to us with issues or problems that I can help solve and taking the stress out of clients lives, knowing that we have their back.

I am very good at working with the ATO on a client’s behalf in terms of payment plans and remitted general interest. I recently managed to negotiate a hefty lump of interest off an ATO debt which I’m really proud of.

What do you love most about being part of the Orbit family?

Greg and Kate have a great ethos for work-life balance. They trust me, so I am not micromanaged, and they really appreciate me and reward me for my hard work!

We are all responsible for our role and time, which allows the flexibility to go for a walk in the early afternoon to clear my mind or have a swim on a hot day. I love working with the whole Orbit team, they’re my friends and are truly great people.

Orbit’s Client Manager, Amelia, Relaxing On A Couch In Sydney Office

How does being part of Orbit make more possible for you?

I always start my day by walking my dog Darcy which gets my body moving and my mindset right to face the day ahead.

Working from home allows me to get back a few hours that would normally be spent commuting to and from work, so I can whip up an early dinner, go for an afternoon walk, and play in the park with Darcy.

When I’m not working, you can find me walking around the coastal suburbs with my hubby and Darcy, enjoying the sun, good food and coffee at a local café or home chilling and relaxing with my family.

If you want Amelia to wave her magic wand over your ATO worries and ensure you get the accounting and advisory support your small business requires, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with our team or book a chat with Amelia today (Don’t worry we’ll keep the chat casual and pressure-free).