How to find your business’s Unique Selling Point (USP)

Competitors, we all have them, and we’re all going to be pitted against them every time potential customers and clients are on the hunt for their next purchase. So when you’re all vying for their attention, how do you stand out from the pack? By curating an irresistible Unique Selling Point (USP) that leaves them hungry for more.

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What is a USP?

While every man and their dog might be in your industry, every business has its own way of running the show or a unique flair for delivering their products or services. So, if you’ve got your target audience, your product or services, and a clear solution you can solve for your customers and clients, then it’s time to wrap it up in a pretty little bow and deliver it via a USP. This gift of the USP is its ability to quickly and effectively communicate your business’s differentiating factor to any prospective customers or clients.

Your USP could centre around a one of a kind feature your service or product holds, or it could highlight the unique way you do business. Regardless of how you run things around here, whether it’s cheekier, faster, more accessible or exclusive, your USP is your time to hone in on your individuality to attract the right kind of attention from your ideal customer and client.

For example, Canvas USP is “Empowering the world to design” by simplifying the complex aspects of design and making the process more accessible to people across the globe. 

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How do I create a USP for my business?

First and foremost, people want solutions. So, before you rattle on about all the fantastic features and perks of your products or services, clearly establish what problem you can solve. To find a value proposition that is specific and unique to your business, clearly define what value your business offers and then rule out anything your competitors also provides. Maybe your products are simpler to use, or your turnaround time is faster; perhaps you are more sustainable, bold, or affordable; whatever it is, make it yours.

Leave your stamp

While your product or service may have a million benefits you’re buzzing to share, there’s plenty of time to dive into that, so only pick the most compelling one. Your USP should be short and sweet, leaving your audience with enough information to know the value you offer while piquing their interest to learn more. Once you’ve established your USP, it’s time to share it far and wide. Let your USP make it impossible to miss across your business’s communication and let it fuel all your sales and marketing activities.

Don’t take your foot off the pedal

New businesses pop up every day while the established ones keep innovating; if one suddenly turns around and has the same USP, you’ll be left with only an SP. So while you’re knuckling down on improving your products or services, keep an eye on the competition, and be willing to shake up your USP as required. When in doubt, always return to the tangible solutions you offer your clients. A well crafted and accurate USP will always appeal to your target audience and reinforce why your business is the best fit for them.

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Are you still struggling to define your USP?

Whether you need to knuckle down on your USP or talk about all things strategy, the Orbit team is here to help with our business advisory services. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, our team will be on hand to empower you with smart and specific advice. So book a chat or get in touch, and let’s craft your irresistible USP to make more possible.