Beat business burnout with these 7 actionable steps

What does one do when the business they once lived and breathed turns into a place of resentment and despair?

The first step is acceptance, and you could have a classic case of ‘business burnout’. 

As business advisors, we believe you and your business should be in sync with goals that feed into each other. However, when that’s no longer the case, it’s crucial to pinpoint the cause for this lack of synchronicity. Long-term work stress can easily translate into emotional and physical exhaustion, and the negative symptoms don’t stop there. A loss of enthusiasm towards work, being quickly exhausted, easily overwhelmed, severe brain fog, and a sudden spike of cynicism are all signs you’ve come down with business burnout.

So what’s the cure?

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How do I recover from business burnout?

Along with the day to day hurdles of running a business, the last couple of years has brought uncharted terrain and unrivalled demands, which means business burnout has become increasingly prevalent. If you think you could be one of the many under the business weather, here are our top tips to get on the road to recovery.

First things first, if you’ve got the business burnout, then it’s time for some serious R&R. Once we’ve leapt over the obstacle of denial, whip out your trusty HB pencil in a break at the earliest convenience. If there isn’t time, make time, don’t forget your health is priority #1. You might be pleasantly surprised at how understanding your clients and customers can be and how quickly your team can pick up the slack.

When you come back feeling as fresh as a daisy, that’s when we can get down to business, making long-term solutions to prevent a chronic case of business burnout.

1) Share the burden

Note down all the low-value, tedious tasks you regularly perform, then delegate each one to a team member or outsource to a suitable freelancer, agency or firm. This step will leave you with more time and energy to work on your hero areas or spend outside your business.

2) Swallow your pride

We all need somebody to lean on, so reach out to your support network before your enthusiasm for your business plummets. Opting for a business advisor or a person within your industry can be particularly beneficial as they’ll understand all the challenges of working in your sector or running a business.

3) Take a step back

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Are you tracking your hours? If not, it might be a good time to start because the data doesn’t lie. After all, if you find you’re working every hour of the day, it’s unlikely they’re all spent productively and effectively. So take a moment to look at streaming your operations or establishing and setting some clear work boundaries.

4) Move the goalposts

Take a good hard look at your current short and long-term goals, are they still aligned with your values and aspirations? For example, some owners might want more team members and more revenue, while others wish for more time with their kids and more time on leave. Neither is wrong; what matters is that these goals belong to them, and you need to consider what dreams belong to you.

5) Feed thy soul

You’re not a robot, so don’t push yourself through when on a low battery. Now, close your eyes and visualise all the things you love and enjoy outside of your work-life. From CrossFit and karaoke to bushwalking and family time, whatever floats your boat, give it your time of day. And if you’re a real workhorse, get an app to send you some nudges for regular breaks along the way.

6) Celebrate good times

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7) Get some help on board

When there are a million and one things on your to-do list, it’s too easy to slide back into those old habits and work yourself to the ground. Unless someone is keeping you accountable, helping you plot a clear course, and checking in on your progress. We’re here to get you all dressed up with nowhere to go. As business advisors, we’ll be helping you achieve your personal and professional goals with smart and specific advice.

Whether you’re marching into a full-blown business burnout or already in the trenches, at Orbit, our team of business advisors are here to uncover your ‘more’ and make it possible. So book a chat or get in touch, and let’s beat business burnout once and for all.