Your personal wealth portal

Orbit’s Personal Wealth Portal Will Redefine How You Track And Manage Your Families Financial World.

Here at The Orbit Group we love our technology. Anything cloud based with a great user interface makes Kate go a bit giddy!

We’ve always been big advocates of Xero, a cloud based accounting solution for businesses. We love how Xero’s real-time data enables you to make fast, real-time decisions about your business and we’ve been on the hunt for a solution that replicates that for your personal finances.

And we’ve finally found it! After much research and testing, we’d like to introduce you all to the amazing app – MyProsperity.

MyProsperity is a beautiful and secure personal wealth portal where you can easily manage your families entire financial life – from your phone. It allows you track your cashflow, set household budgets, set and track goals and securely store all your important documents.

Why We Think You’ll Love MyProsperity:
  • Gets all your accounts in one place with one login – credit cards, bank accounts, home loans and investment loans and more.
  • Allows you to utilise a broad range of real-time data feeds including property, superannuation, investments and cars – anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Easily connects with us – your expert team of financial professionals. With one-click, you can access our full range of services.
  • Gets a handle on your families cash flow with auto-categorisation of your income and expenses and instant budgets.
  • Makes tax time headache free with all your financial data, tag transactions for tax and have your receipts and documents stored securely online.
Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Personal Finances?
We’d love to offer our existing Orbit clients one month free trial of MyProsperity. There’s no obligation, we’re just really excited about sharing this app with you and helping you to realise your possibilities and potential. Click here to request free trial or contact 1800 93 10 20 for a one-on-one demonstration.