Reach orbit with strategic business accounting.

Reach orbit with the man on the moon principal.

Have you heard of the man of the moon principle? As strategic business accountants, we utilise the man of the moon principle to help our clients accomplish their wildest dreams. Whether you’re waiting for take-off or are still trying to reach orbit – strategic business accounting can help you get there.

First, let’s step back in time to The Swinging Sixties.

Orbit Team Writing Down Strategic Business Accountants Goal’s On A Big Piece Of Paper

There was a goal. 

In 1961 the President of the USA, John F Kennedy, announced his outlandish goal of landing a man on the moon and returning safely to Earth before the decade was over. The circumstances may have been different, but this particular point in time was similar to today in that boarding aeroplanes was not a common occurrence. JFK’s audacious goal felt unattainable, overwhelming, and not a fine example of S.M.A.R.T goal setting.

But on 20 July 1969, the televisions were being wheeled out in classrooms and offices across the world as Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the moon. JFK’s goal was complete four days later when the astronauts arrived safely home on planet earth, with plenty of time to spare before the decade was over.

There was a man on the moon.

We’ll take a wild guess JFK’s morning to-do list didn’t read ‘Land a man on the moon.’ Before Neil and Buzz took their first steps on the moon, dedicated teams took baby ones every day.

This major undertaking had numerous cogs turning away at once, working towards a united vision. The first step was accomplishing a successful liftoff. Once that hurdle was cleared, the focus swiftly turned to the next stage – reaching orbit. And on they went, shifting their attention to the next priority. There was reaching the moon’s atmosphere, safely landing, taking off from the moon, and finally, entering Earth’s atmosphere and landing back home. By breaking down this venture into clear milestones with actionable steps, the team involved accomplished what many had labelled impossible.

The proof is in the pudding – slicing down mammoth-sized tasks into manageable and digestible pieces provides people with an action button they can hit instead of the panic one. Every step, no matter how small, contributed to the first one that landed on the moon.

A Sign In Orbit’s Randwick Office Reading ‘action Over Words’

Then there was a principle for strategic business accounting.

Why we thought you’d never ask. If you want to boil this down principle into one clear take-home message, let it be the power of planning.

To integrate this lesson into your business, let’s kick things off with a clear goal. So, what does success look like to you in 12 months? Whether it’s more profit, more money, more freedom, or more aeroplane tickets, start with a 12-month goal and break it down into clear milestones.

Now, we’ll hone in on the next 90 days. Which milestones will you reach, and what actions will be taken to hit them? Perhaps your main business goal will take longer to achieve and if that’s the case, repeat the same process for a 5 or 10-year timeline. Don’t forget to consider which goals will unite your team with a shared purpose, and remember to celebrate each milestone.

Orbit Sign In Randwick Office

Now, do you want to reach orbit?

Our clients are always the centre of our Orbit. We can come in close or move away, but the central point – you – remains the same.

Our business advice is not only specific to your business goals but your personal ones as well. Whatever reason inspired you to establish your Sydney small business, we are here to help you achieve it with smart and specific advice. Book a chat or get in touch with our Randwick bound team today to learn more about our strategic business accounting services.