Welcome to the New Look Orbit Accounting and Tax Website

Ah – nothing like spring to really warm the blood and make you feel fresh. So it’s fitting the refreshed The Orbit Group website makes its debut in spring!

As our valued clients would know, we love sharing information and helping as much as we can. The new look website is a culmination of several months work to help support these aims online.

In true The Orbit Group style, we won’t be simply popping up reviews of the latest changes to super, tax and small business accounting shared from the usual sources.

Our aim is to take the level of service and commitment you know and love to a whole new level. We want to take the mystery, jargon and often dense information out of your personal and professional financial needs.

We want to create a community of businesses, startups, freelancers and individuals brought together by the common goal of business success. Sharing, discover and real-life practical advice is what you’ll find here.

Here’s just a snapshot of what The Orbit Group will be sharing with you over the coming weeks and months:
  • We’ll be blogging to help our customers better understand taxation, super and finance. We recognise that different people need different things from their accountancy firm beyond EOFY assistance or basic taxation support. And we recognise that sharing the knowledge helps to empower you in your business and personal financial endeavours. That’s where our new blog comes in. From personal tax returns through to self managed super funds and beyond, we’ll be presenting all kinds of blogs in plain-speaking, easy to understand terms.
  • Keeping you abreast of the latest changes that influence your financial future. From budget announcements through to changes to the law, The Orbit Group will be sharing our thoughts, insights and translations of the legal, governmental and business driven changes to your business and personal accounting. From social media tips to detailed blogs with easy-to-follow information, we’ll be there to help.
  • Real time advice, tips and info to keep you informed via social media. We’ll be beefing up our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts with regular content, tips and advice for you to enjoy. That way, you can get the bite-sized tips and motivation you need to keep the regular and not-so regular side of your accounting humming.
  • We’re bringing together The Orbit Group community. To help our clients get better acquainted with us and other small business, startups and freelancers in our community, we’re setting up a Facebook community entitled Orbiting Business Challenges (see what we did there?). By bringing together experienced business operators with experts across a few relevant fields, we can create a vibrant community to share knowledge, ask questions and more. Beyond tax and finance, we’ll be sharing all kinds of local and business knowledge to help you make the most out of your business endeavours.
The same great service – now online
We’re really excited to continue our journey with you and extend it to the wonderful world of online. We hope with our new website, blogs and social media, we’ll be able to bridge the gap in between visits. Our aim is to provide you with practical, useful and easy to understand accounting and SMSF information at all times.
As this new online adventure is all about you, we’d love to hear from you.

Hit us up on Twitter with your suggestions.

Link up with our LinkedIn page.

Join us at our Facebook group for businesses large and small as we Orbit Business Challenges.

Or drop a comment below and tell us what you need the most assistance with.

And of course, if you need advice and assistance with taxation or small business finance, virtual CFO support, information to help you make the most out of self managed super and more, don’t hesitate to drop us an email.
We’re always happy to help. Thanks for making The Orbit Group what we are today. We look forward to helping you grow with us in future!