Meet Greg Dennis and Kate Dennis, the co-founders of Orbit.

Sydney's most passionate business advisors.

Greg and Kate’s dream was to build a business that didn’t just keep the taxman happy, but made more possible for others in a simple and beautiful way. Not just your usual accounting and bookkeeping firm, Orbit is also made up of expert business advisors, including co-founder, Greg Dennis.

Greg and Kate are extremely passionate about achieving specific goals with their clients, whatever that may be. Clients want more time, more money, more freedom, to make more charity donations. 

Armed with specific and unique business strategies and a proactive accounting, Orbit’s clients reach their goals quicker and easier than they ever imagined.

Find out what makes the co-founders of Sydney’s most passionate accounting and small business advisory firm, get out of bed in the morning.

Greg Dennis Director Of Orbit

Greg is a business advisor who gives you more…

“Behind every great small business is a really great accountant and business advisor. Transforming businesses is what makes me tick. I love numbers, problem solving and growing small businesses but what really gets me going is being able to improve the lives of my clients. Giving them more.

Whether it’s more time, freedom, flexibility or money, the concept of more means many different things to different people. One client in Sydney wanted me to help structure his various businesses so that he could run them from the road on a lap around Australia with his family. Another wanted to build his business so he could give more back to charities. Many partner with me to give them more headspace to execute big ideas in their business. The best part is seeing small businesses grow through the years. You feel like you’ve done something to impact their lives.”

His small business expertise and advice comes from real life experience.

“Since starting Orbit seven years ago, my wife Kate and I have had great success in making more for our small business clients. We believe a lot of this success comes down to the fact that we are similar to the businesses we are helping. We both left corporate gigs to do our own thing and we understand the motivations and complications behind the business of small business. Orbit transforms businesses with the best cloud accounting technology, bookkeeping, accounting and business advice.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out our testimonials to see what our happy clients say about us. They love that I’ve introduced them to the Xero accounting software and tools, they can talk to me anytime, and I am just as invested in their “more” goals as they are.

Clients tell me I’m real, honest and straightforward to deal with. They like that about me. I’m not trying to be something I’m not or sell them something.

I’m good at remembering a lot about people’s lives: people find that funny and go ‘how do you remember that’? I’m also good at looking at numbers and finding things that don’t look quite right, like piecing together a puzzle and making it all work. It’s satisfying.”

What does Greg like about Orbit clients?

“I like their journey. If they are passionate about something then I really enjoy that. If someone wants to talk about building or starting something new, I find myself really wanting to help them do it. As opposed to someone who wants to discuss not paying tax or bending the rules – that’s negative and not interesting.

The idea of our company name – Orbit – is that the client is at the centre. We are not like every other business accountant. When I worked for a big accountancy firm, I used to have to put on my branded tie in my desk drawer in case someone from the Sydney head office turned up. We were meant to wear a uniform to give the clients the impression that they could trust the brand. No way! My clients trust me because of the work I do.

What we do is quite personalised, not cookie cutter and not a production line, with people just grinding out work. This philosophy has seen us grow to a point where we can make choices about what we do, how we do it and who we do it with.

What do I want more of? It used to be more time but now I’d say more challenges and more businesses that make me think.”

Kate Dennis And Greg Dennis Advising In Sydney

Kate is a cloud technology innovator with a big vision.

“A decade ago, if you’d told Little Kate she’d end up in an accountancy firm, I’d have been horrified. I was working for a multimedia design agency, a people’s person obsessed with technology. But it turns out I can use those skills in Orbit, the Sydney business I started seven years ago with my husband Greg. We are in the business of transforming small businesses and I am so happy with the work we do.

I’ve always loved working. I’ve had a job since the age of 14 – at a fish and chip shop, where the owner Kiki taught me customer service, budgeting, and work ethic. I grew up in the UK but I have only ever wanted to live in Australia. When I came here, I was lucky to get a job at Freckle, a creative agency with a gun female boss. It taught me everything about running my own business: what you need to take care of, chasing orders and bills, managing small business cash flow, client management, sales and leadership.”

She has the skills, passion and approachability to grow any small business from anywhere.

“When Greg said ‘I’m done, I want to start again on my own business’, I knew I had the skills to do my own thing. We were both really passionate about not having to answer to anyone else.

At the time it felt like accounting businesses were so boring and uninspiring. It was hard to understand all of the terms and jargon. I wanted to make something that didn’t make the client feel stupid, something that everyone could understand, something different. I didn’t want to work 9 to 5. Now I can work anywhere in the world and have it done.

What’s my elevator pitch? I solve problems for my clients with technology and with process. If it’s broken, I’ll fix it. I am very true to my word. If I say I’m going to do something by a certain time then I’ll do it. I work hard. I’m very good at solving a problem. That’s my job.”

What does Kate love about Orbit?

“I am really proud of Orbit, our people, where we have got to. In our business you get to change people’s lives. I see what Greg does as magic, he literally transforms client’s lives without them realising it. We get to play with technology, create efficiencies and see people transformed.

The best thing about working here is working with my husband, Greg Dennis. We complement each other really well. If someone is having a bad day, the other one will always lift. The only thing we ever argue about is house admin because our Sydney home is our office. I can’t work until everything is tidy but Greg just wants to get up and get to work.

We were sitting on the couch one day when Orbit – the name of our company – came to us. We really liked the idea of the client or the project being in the middle, and the concept of having space to grow. You can come in close or be far away but the person in the middle is the same.”

Business Advisors Greg Dennis And Kate Dennis

Proactive accounting and small business advisory services are what Orbit does best.

“This year I am excited about going from good to great. We have an amazing team, a great leader and business advisor in Greg, and some excellent clients. I want to help them get more and I have so much enthusiasm because I know what I want and how we can help people.

We are not going to grow our own small business for the sake of it. You think having a massive team and loads of clients will make you feel like you’ve made it, like you’re somehow substantial. But I would rather have 20 clients and make a difference than 20,000 and not know them. You have to go back to your purpose, I lost both of those things for a while and I am not going to give it up again.

What do I want more of? Before, I was working to benefit someone else and I wanted more control over my own destiny. Now, it’s me who I have to answer to. But I’ll always want more time, more adventures, more Fridays off and especially more of the right clients.”

If you think Greg or Kate would be a good fit for your business, and you want more out of your life, then book a chat or get in touch today.