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The majority of small business owners face a common challenge: accessing easy to understand, strategy based financial advice for individuals and businesses for life. Time-poor and lacking fluency in financial management, getting the right financial advice and taking action never reaches the top of the to do list.

Recognising this is a major hurdle to sourcing and implementing a sound financial plan based on intelligent strategy based advice, our goal is to simplify all things financial. Taking an integrated approach to solving clients’ problems, we provide advice that supports you and your life. With family front and centre of what we do, we make sure your financial plan reflects your needs, wants, and aspirational goals.

The key? Instead of working in isolation from your accountant and/or finance broker, we collaborate as part of your financial team, providing support via planning, advice, and financial management resources.

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Business and financial advice that makes sense

The financial planning needs of each person differ, requiring a tailor approach. Business and personal financial advice is influenced by many factors: stage of the business lifecycle, age and stage of life, needs, wants, and goals. Considering all these elements, here’s how we support our clients towards stronger financial management.

Rather than devising solutions on your own and risking what you’ve worked for, gain confidence by accessing cohesive tax planning and private trust services. Working together with the Orbit accounting team we ensure your tax and wealth management strategies align giving you peace of mind that you’re on track financially.

Gain confidence by sharing your financial goals, preferences, and risk appetite with an experienced and qualified financial advisor who’s invested in your wellbeing with no links to a product. With our understanding of you and/or your business, we’ll create an investment strategy that’s strategy based and makes sense and works for you. You can read more about our investment philosophy here.

Business owners have family too and if there’s issues of succession and beneficiaries involved, intelligent and timely planning can help preserve and protect your life’s work and legacy. We work with our clients to approach this sensitive area with experience, education, planning and mentoring to achieve the desired outcome that aligns with your vision.

Without access to appropriate funding, business growth can stall and personal investment opportunities missed. In conjunction with the Orbit Money team, we take a cohesive approach to bank financing and balance sheet analysis that considers all issues.

While many purpose-driven small business owners seek ways to facilitate intergenerational wealth via a legacy, few have the knowledge and skills to put the necessary measures in place. The Orbit Advice team supports individuals and business owners to educate and advise on suitable strategies for legacy and estate planning.

With a desire to do good, many of our clients are active in their philanthropic contributions. Providing an understanding of the opportunities for giving, we’ll integrate philanthropy into your financial plan, giving the assurance your work, business and contributions are making the difference you envisage.

Your ability to earn an income is arguably your number one asset, followed closely by ensuring that you and loved ones maintain a certain lifestyle in the event of an unforeseen accident or illness. In the world we live in today, having a personal protection portfolio as our safety-net is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Important information about Orbit Advice

InFocus Wealth Management Ltd is The Orbit Group’s Dealer Group (licencee). This means inFocus provide ASIC guided supervision under the Financial Services Act, requiring that financial advice given is providing in accordance with the Best Interest rules.

Besides having our own internal Investment Review Committee via our licensee, The Orbit Group also subscribes to Lonsec and Morningstar for research on additional asset classes. This provides you with the peace of mind and certainty our recommendations are based on what is best for you.

Accessing strategic financial advice is simple.

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