Frequently asked questions for The Orbit Group

We’re a band of accountants in Randwick, Sydney. However we work with businesses in Coogee, Clovelly, Bondi, Bronte, Maroubra and all over the beautiful beachside suburbs of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

That being said, we are also very good at driving and Skype so if you’re out of these areas, not to worry, we’re still happy to help.

The Orbit Group also specialise in assisting with the tax and accounting needs for self managed super funds and small businesses in the professional, trade, health and creative industries. So if you’re within driving distance or happy to hop on a bus, we’re more than happy to help Sydney small businesses shine!

At The Orbit Group, we pride ourselves on giving our clients uncomplicated accounting – and this includes our bill.

Whilst offer standard packages to help your business grow and thrive, we also customise each of our services to match the specific needs of your individual or small business accounting requirements.

We offer a free assessment where we can understand your particular business needs and tailor a package to suit.

We’re massive fans of the flexibility and freedom that cloud accounting provides our clients. That’s why we’re valued partners of the Xero professional network. We also understand that many small businesses can use Xero without the need for an ‘accountant’ per se.

However, The Orbit Group offer many other services that straight cloud accounting cannot offer you. For example, we’re always up to date and on-trend with the latest changes to Australian accounting law. We also know how each federal and state budget can impact your small business endeavours. As seasoned accountants and bookkeepers, we’re also well versed in tax planning, business growth strategies and can offer advice and real-time assistance in everything from an audit through to a startup’s due diligence, budget planning and more.

The Orbit Group can be involved and available as you need us to be. We can act as a virtual CFO or simply answer a niggling question over the phone.

Try getting that level of service from a computer!

At The Orbit Group, we’re a firm believer in doing business with the right person. So you should choose us over other available accounting firms because it feels like the right decision for your business.

We could bang on about how we have a CPA with 15 years experience looking after your accountancy needs. Or that our gun bookkeeper holds a certificate IV in bookkeeping, is certified in Xero, and is probably the most caring and patient client manager ever known to tussle with the ATO and win nine times out of ten. We could talk about our general manager’s wealth of experience with streamlining business and making a TO DO list shrink before your very eyes. But we know what truly matters is this:

We know what you’re looking for is an accounting firm that has time for you when you need them, can help you with the scrapes and bumps, and who’ll gladly take the accounting side of your business off your plate and to a sustainable, profitable and simple conclusion, year in and year out.

That’s what we can be for you. To see if that’s what you want, all you need to do is call

You bet we do.

You can find out all about our approach to self-managed super funds via our dedicated SMSF information page. Or you can pick up the phone and give us a quick call to if you have any questions.

We’re more than happy to help you.


Oh my wordy yes! We can help you with setting up and using BAS yourself as well as popping in to iron out any kinks on the road to BAS happiness on the fly.

At The Orbit Group, we’ve helped a wide variety of small businesses, startups and freelancers navigate BAS. And we’ve probably seen every red warning letter you can think of, too.

We’re here to help – so drop us an email or give us a call to arrange your appointment now.

Yes. We help all kinds of businesses, startups and solo operators register for GST and sort out the accounting side of their business.

Drop us a line via email and we’ll advise you of next steps.

Ah, you’ve seen all the conversation about Xero and cloud accounting and you’re a little bit worried where it may all land, right?

The honest answer is yes, we can help you. We can help you get over the stutters or downright phobia you may have of cloud accounting and into a nice, comfortable place with Xero. We offer in person training and support via phone, in person and email. Plus we’re putting together helpful tips and tricks you can use via our blog and social media so that you, your accounting and your computer can get on happily together.

We believe this is the best solution to your accounting needs. We’ve seen many a software program, hands on approach to accounting and shoe box system in our time. And nothing comes close to making our clients feel absolutely in control and happy with their business accounting like working in the cloud.

Don’t worry – we’ll have you enjoying your cloud accounting in no time!

Apart from being an amazing revolution in accounting for small business, it’s the best way for The Orbit Group to collaborate with you on your individual and business tax needs.

You can find out about how we use cloud accounting to make your business shine on this handy little cloud accounting information page we prepared earlier.

Yes we can.

Whether you’re facing an individual audit as a solo operator or as a small business or startup, we can help you with your tax audit.

Now take a deep breath, put down the stress ball and pick up that phone. Dial phone and ask for contact. We’ve got your back.


We can help you prepare for audits and due diligence as well as providing services as a virtual CFO and for business advisory.
Give Greg a cheery holler on the email via email address to discuss what you need.

We understand there is a lot of myth and conjecture surrounding what it means to have a hobby versus a business income.

We also understand the GST registration threshold of $75,000 per year has created a lot of confusion among freelancers and bloggers about your tax requirements and obligations.

The best way to understand your needs as a solo operator and/or hobbyist is to drop us a line email to discuss your particular circumstances.

We can help you understand the difference and find the right information to answer the questions you may have.


In most circumstances we can have you and your ABN reunited within a matter of hours, depending on your particular circumstance. All you need to do is drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll have you back in ABN land in no time.

With a huge change towards blogging for fun becoming blogging for income, we know it can be very difficult to work out exactly where the line between business and hobby meet.

That’s why we offer a free assessment of your current situation. We take a look at your hobby or blog from a taxation and financial perspective. Our reviews are done in complete confidence and may entail offering a few solutions.

We also offer a business advisory service and many of our clients who wish to move from hobby to business find this invaluable in terms of setting revenue goals and starting your new business journey off on the right foot.

Want to know more? Drop us an email via email!

There’s a mystique that has crept into the relationship between accountant and small business that we think is necessary to remove.

Many of the small businesses and individuals we speak with have stayed with the same accountant for years simply because they thought the change would be very difficult. You see, the worry is a new accountant won’t be able to understand your business, your current financial position or what your future ambitions are. The assumption appears to be the length of the relationship gives some kind of magical ability to tap seamlessly into your business and know what to do to make it prosper. And that the process of migrating from one accountant to another is thorny and arduous.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.

At The Orbit Group, we believe the kind of accountant you want working with your business should be able to pick up your financial statements, ask you the right questions and research your business well enough to get up to speed.

And your accountant shouldn’t be tethered to the past, either. As part of that getting to ‘know you phase’ there should be a conversation about ways in which your business can thrive in the future.

Don’t let the fear of change or someone else’s nay saying tie you to situations where your potential isn’t being maximised. Talk to us!

Once you’re happy with our strategy and you’ve agreed to hire us, transferring you from new to old is simple. We’ll get in touch with your old accountant to let them know that you are moving. As part of that process, we’ll obtain any relevant files and paperwork on your behalf. And save you from any awkward break-up conversations. Hurrah!
Sound like a plan? Check out our contact page!

Yes- you bet we can!

Having multiple tax returns outstanding is a lot more common (and a lot less terrifying) than most people think. We can help you get up to date and on track in no time. And make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Experience has shown us the most daunting step towards sorting out multiple tax returns is getting your paperwork ready. So we encourage you get in touch with us first so we can let you know what we need before you get started.

We have helped clients with over ten years outstanding, and negotiated debt reductions and payment arrangements with ATO.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, call (02) 9314 2025 and let’s get your tax sorted!

Being able to share a coffee and get to know us over one of Amelia’s amazing baked treats is not a compulsory part of having The Orbit Group as your chosen accountant.

Whether you’re so snowed under you don’t have the time or you’re contacting us from some far flung destination, we can help you.

You’re more than welcome to pop in and see us in Randwick (Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs) or we can setup Skype meetings, chat online or discuss your needs over the phone. Your paperwork is usually submitted electronically (especially after we’ve freed you from the tyranny of your current accounting shoe-box methods) anyway, so we can be as flexible as you need us to be.

However, if you want to come check us out, we are more than happy to pop on the kettle and open the fancy biscuits.


Get in touch with The Orbit Group and let’s get those small business accounting questions of yours answered!